and I have a real anticipation for what’s possible now that our paths have crossed. On my website you will find information about who I am, how I work as a coach, as well as several resources to support you on your journey.

1:1 Coaching

I take the position of a facilitator of learning in an equal partnership with you that endeavours to create a relevant, practical and powerful shift.

Team development

Successful teams rarely develop by chance so together we will focus on harnessing the individual and collective capabilities and motivations of the team.


The workshops, events and retreats I run cover a range of topics including stress and burnout, leadership development and the power of body intelligence.

What my clients are saying

“I am in the process of writing a book, which I hope will have a particular appeal for those who are struggling to find joy and meaning in their corporate jobs. And I am stuck, so I turned to Tracey. It has been a profound experience! Not only because she understands the language and behaviours that define most of corporate life, and could see how my story could be told to them in a helpful and readable way... that is invaluable. But much more profound was her unique and remarkable ability to enable a deep conversation between the authentic Colin and the authentic Tracey...such that I heard that Real Me speaking to the Real Me...and Tracey could hear the Real Tracey ...and we truly heard one another. My energy and excitement for writing my book floods back... I am no longer stuck!”

Colin Hall

Ex-Chairman, Wooltru

“This process detangled every detail of who I am and made me feel “okay” to just be me! Although it’s an ongoing journey of maintaining balance between thinking, feeling and doing, the Enneagram helped me discover that what I thought were my shortcomings or flaws, can be advantages. This is no mediocre personality type test – it’s incredibly detailed and extremely accurate.”


Beauty Industry

"Tracey has a beautifully sound and insightful way of helping one to identify and understand areas that are limiting one’s ability to move forward professionally and those areas creating negativity in the work space. The process that Tracey took me through was a journey of true self-discovery and I always looked forward to our conversations. She has provided me with valuable tools and strategies that have not only helped me be more cognisant and aware of myself and my reactions to different situations, but that will ultimately allow me to be a better and more fulfilled person."


Agricultural Sector


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